Why do some  appliances produce more heat  than the others?  Most appliances with high power  rating are heating appliances.


. The heating appliances has  a  heating element like resistors. The resistors convert electrical energy into light and thermal energy . It depends on the resistance of material if how much heat can be produced  from electricity.

    Those devices who produced heat, the Nichrome wire is an element who is responsible for heating . when we say nichrome wire , it is an alloy with the combination of nickel and chromium . It has two reasons  why it serves as a good  producer of heat.

First, Nichrome wire has greater  resistivity than the other element like cooper.Second,it does not rust even at high temperature.

therefore, when electrons collide with atoms, they make the latter turn and vibrate even faster. In that case more thermal energy may produced.

When the wire resistance is greater,The hotter the object becomes .


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