Living with Radiation

Nowadays, we are very much expose in radiation. Even in our home, Those appliances has radiation.What comes to our mind when we say radiation? How it affects our lives with this radiation?


radiation is a process in which energetic particles or energetic waves travel through a medium or space. There are two types of radiation,Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.                                       

There are advantages of radiation, in the field of medicine, Radiation is a key tool in the treatment of certain kinds of cancer. it can be also used in therapies.

there are also dis advantages,Radioisotopes are rather expensive Radioisotopes are hazardous and must be handled with extreme care. By the same token, they present a disposal hazard.






Everybody of us, know the different kinds of energy in the society. The most common was electrical energy. We probably use electrical energy in our household. Electricity is almost part of our lives. Our lightning, Heating, Transport, and communication are all dependent on it.

                                                                                   In our home,there are many  appliances work together with electricity.By using the electrical energy, it provides us comfort and makes our lives more convenient to do a certain tasks. These things became possible because electrical energy is brought to our homes and to different part of the house via electrical circuits.

Thus, we must consume electricity ,Because  nowadays, we are encountering lack of electricity supply.We should save energy, and help the mother earth.


Why do some  appliances produce more heat  than the others?  Most appliances with high power  rating are heating appliances.


. The heating appliances has  a  heating element like resistors. The resistors convert electrical energy into light and thermal energy . It depends on the resistance of material if how much heat can be produced  from electricity.

    Those devices who produced heat, the Nichrome wire is an element who is responsible for heating . when we say nichrome wire , it is an alloy with the combination of nickel and chromium . It has two reasons  why it serves as a good  producer of heat.

First, Nichrome wire has greater  resistivity than the other element like cooper.Second,it does not rust even at high temperature.

therefore, when electrons collide with atoms, they make the latter turn and vibrate even faster. In that case more thermal energy may produced.

When the wire resistance is greater,The hotter the object becomes .



A satellite is an object which has been placed into orbit by human being. Sometimes, satellites are called artificial satellites in order to differ them from natural satellites .

In the year of 1957,the first artificial satellites created was SPUTNIK 1, prior to that lots artificial satellites have been launched.Satellites are used for a large number of purposes.

 Sputnik 1 helped to identify the density of high atmospheric layers through measurement of its orbital change and provided data on radio-signal.

Nowadays, satellites are common tools in technology such as clocks, telephones and computers. Satellites also used for communications, environmental monitoring, and weather forecasting.

therefore, artificial satellites plays an important role in the earth, it helps us to predict such calamities or natural disasters and to gather information about our universe.

“The more you know, the more you realize you know nothing.”
– Socrates


Computers on Education

       Nowadays, Lots of technological devices have been invented. The most common are Computers. 

        Computers are  devices which contain web  resources to gather a data, and at the same time brings an Entertainment to individual. While we are being expose in such technologies, Some experts use Computers for educational and social act.The use of computer brings much impact in Humans Life. There are Advantages and Dis advantages.

Computers are one of the efficient tool that can be use to enhance student skills in education,it gives an infinite learning and helps with the students achievement.

 Negative effect is that people are not doing their own work anymore. Today more and more students are relying on the web to do the work for them. This can range from copying and pasting (plagiarism) to paying a web site to write a paper for them. 

Thus, We must learn how to use computers in a moderate way.We can use it for fun and also for the purpose of educational act.

“Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Space shuttle


 What comes to our mind when we say Technological Devices?

Nowadays, lots of technological devices have been invented, one of the  technologies  are  those  Devices  that   are  use  in  outer space.  The most common one is SPACE SHUTTLE .

The Space Shuttle was a manned orbital rocket and spacecraft system.It’s  system  was combined rocket   launch  and   orbital spacecraft. It’s  mission  is  to  conduct  a   space science experiments,and servicing and construction of  space stations.The  Major  missions  included   launching   numerous satellites and interplanetary probes.

It’s components included the orbiters,recoverable boosters,external tank, payloads, and supporting infrastructure.

We can gain  benefits from technologies.If we are Advance in     space technology it also have a  effect on Earth technology.


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